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Guardianship and Adoption

Ottumwa Family Lawyer

If you need legal assistance with a guardianship or an adoption in Oskaloosa or anywhere in Iowa, you may need an experienced family lawyer to help you resolve the matter. In either of these matters, you can get professional legal guidance from the Ottumwa family attorney at the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Smith. Jeff has more than 20 years of experience handling family law matters for clients throughout the area. To get the legal advice that you need in guardianship and adoption issues, we recommend that you contact the firm to schedule a legal consultation about your concerns as soon as possible.

Guardianship in Iowa

Guardianships may be established for minor children or those adults who are deemed unable to make their own decisions about their lives. Under Iowa law, parents are generally preferred as the caretakers of minor children. In order to establish a guardianship of a minor child, it has to be shown that the biological parent is not fit to take care of his or her child, whether because of physical, mental, or emotional reasons. Voluntary guardianships can be sought by parents who are unable to care for their children. The child protection services in the state can also step in to remove children from homes where they believe the child will not be cared for properly and seek guardianships for those children. In these cases, the state has to prove that the parent(s) are not fit.

Adoption in Iowa

You may seek adoption of a child in Iowa as a stepparent or through an international or domestic adoption agency. In order to adopt a child, you will have to undergo a home study which will include background checks, financial checks, personal evaluations, and more. Your marriage, background, and home will be assessed to ensure that you are a safe bet to become the parent of an adopted child. The Ottumwa / Oskaloosa family lawyer can help you complete the adoption process per Iowa laws.

Contact the Ottumwa family attorney at the firm if you need legal representation to obtain a guardianship or adoption.

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