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Motorcycle Accidents


Ottumwa / Oskaloosa Personal Injury Attorney

Traffic accidents involving motorcycles are almost always more harmful to the motorcyclist than those in passenger cars or trucks. Without the benefit of a steel frame surrounding one's body, a motorcyclist can suffer devastating injuries hitting the road, other vehicles, or objects. If you have suffered serious injuries in this manner due to another's negligence or wrongdoing in Ottumwa, Oskaloosa, or anywhere in Iowa, you can get competent legal advice and guidance from the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Smith. As an Ottumwa / Oskaloosa personal injury lawyer, Jeff Smith can review and evaluate your case on personal injury grounds to determine if you may be able to file an injury claim or lawsuit.

Motorcycle Accidents and their Consequences

The number of individuals operating motorcycles on the roads throughout the country has increased. This has resulted in an increasing number of motorcycle accidents and fatalities, as well. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 4,810 motorcyclists lost their lives in U. S. accidents in 2006. Half of these accidents involved a collision with another vehicle. Contributing factors to motorcycle accidents include speeding and alcohol involvement. Along with this, many motorists fail to see motorcyclists or have a hostile attitude toward sharing the road with them.

Victims of motorcycle accidents may suffer serious, even catastrophic, injuries, including head, neck, back, and spinal injuries, loss of limbs, burns, internal injuries, and more. These types of injuries may result in lengthy hospital stays as well rehabilitative treatment or physical therapy that may go on for months or years. If such injuries are the result of negligence on the part of another party, that individual or party should be held liable for the damages.

Get Competent Legal Help

After a motorcycle accident, you will no doubt be involved with your physical recovery. By retaining the services of the Ottumwa / Oskaloosa motorcycle accident attorney at the firm, you can turn over all of the legal aspects of this event to a proven legal professional who will fight for the financial compensation to which you may be entitled.

Contact the Ottumwa / Oskaloosa motorcycle accident lawyer at the firm today if you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.

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