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Workers' Compensation


Ottumwa / Oskaloosa Workers' Compensation Lawyer

If you have been injured in the workplace in Iowa, you will generally be eligible for workers' compensation benefits if those injuries were a direct result of doing your job. As an Ottumwa / Oskaloosa workers' compensation attorney, Jeff Smith can assist you in obtaining the benefits to which you may be entitled. If you are an employee in Ottumwa, Oskaloosa, or anywhere in Iowa, it is highly advised that you contact the Law Offices of Jeff Smith to set up a time when you can discuss your case directly with him. As a sole practitioner in the area, he will personally handle your case from beginning to end.

Workers' Compensation Cases

Injuries which are covered by workers' compensation are defined very broadly under the law. They include any type of physical impairment caused at work, including diseases and hearing losses. Preexisting conditions can only be covered if they were worsened by your activities at work. The benefits to which you may be entitled are medical benefits, including all that is necessary to be done to treat the injury, as well as disability benefits which cannot exceed 80 percent of your weekly spendable earnings.

If your workplace injury results in more than 3 days of disability, you are generally entitled to temporary disability benefits beginning on the 4th day and continuing until you are able to return to your job. If you return to a lesser-paying job because of your disability, you are also entitled to temporary partial disability benefits. Other workers' compensation benefits include healing period benefits, permanent partial disability, permanent total disability benefits, second injury fund benefits, and vocational rehabilitation benefits.

To make a workers' compensation claim, talk to the Ottumwa / Oskaloosa workers' compensation lawyer at the firm as soon as possible for the legal advice and guidance you need.

Contact the Ottumwa / Oskaloosa workers' compensation attorney at the firm to handle a claim or dispute involving workers' compensation today.

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